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How to Buy PhotoWorker


Single user license

If this is for family use, you can install copies of software on at most 3 of your home machines. If this is for business use, you can install it on at most two of your office machines.

Site License

You can install copies of software on any machines in your company.

Product Name Price RegSoft PayPal
PhotoWorker 3 Single User License$15.00 each Buy Now
PhotoWorker 3 Site License$100.00 Buy Now

Payment Methods

You can purchase through either PayPal or RegSoft. If you purchase through Paypal, you should be able to activate PhotoWorker almost immediately. If you purchase through RegSoft, we usually need 1-3 days to process your order.

Purchase through PayPal - recommended

You will receive your registration confirmation and registrition key in a short moment once your payment is confirmed. You can activate your copy PhotoWorker immediately once you get the confirmation email.
If you don't receive your registration email in one day, please report to support@photoworker.com.

Purchase through RegSoft

You can pay securely by any major credit card or other payment method that RegSoft accepts. Click on the link above, you will be brought to Regsoft order page. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation letter with registration key from RegSoft shortly. But you will need to wait 1-3 days before your payment information is put into our database. Open PhotoWorker's menu "Help->Enter Registration Key", and enter the key you get. Thus you finish the registration process.

Why register?

PhotoWorker is a shareware. You have 30-day free trial from the first day you download and use it. After this trial period, if you are satisfied with PhotoWorker, you can register online to obtain a registration key. As a registered user, you can enjoy following benifits:

  • Full functional software
  • Free minor upgrades
  • Technical support by E-mail.